Dedicated Server: Cutting-Edge Performance

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Host your website on a Dedicated Server

In case your project requires ultimate performance, security and control, a Dedicated Server is the most appropriate solution. Dedicated servers are completely independent of each other, meaning that you can completely manage your server without affecting any other user’s functionality or being affected by their actions.

High Availability

Integrated Security system protecting from spam, bots & malware

Max Speed Zone

Extra High Speed for High Authority Websites & E-Shops

Backup plan

Reliable Weekly or Daily Backup depending on your business needs

Why choose a Dedicated Server

Control, privacy, security and guaranteed performance and speed are the main advantages of a VPS and a Dedicated Server. However, a Dedicated Server is not shared with any other user, so the performance of your web project is fully predictable and consistent. Websites with high traffic are often the best fit to adopt a Dedicated Hosting solution.

Dedicated Server or VPS

To make it clear, VPS Servers start with 2 GB of memory while Dedicated servers have at least 4 GB of available memory. In short, Dedicated hosting allows similar configuration and control as a VPS server but offers much more system power.

Dedicated Hosting

Subscribe to a Dedicated Server plan and get extreme efficiency for your web project.

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