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Social Media Marketing: The new trend

Social Media are not just a simple marketing tool. It is an important investment in time and resources. You have to support your Social Media accounts so as to really boost your online marketing efforts.

Target Analysis

We use Social Tools to gain more leads and prospects for your business and define your social media audience.

Create Campaign

We create attractive ads for Social Media Channels (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter)

Strong Presence

Are you inactive on Social Media for a long time? We increase your Social Media impact and engagement by updating your social media account on a regular basis with fresh content.

Services we offer

At Coudhaz we create a mix of social media experiences so as to point out the identity of your own brand and strengthen your online efforts.

Social Media Strategy

Content Creation

Facebook Ads

Audience Engagement

Measuring & Analysis

Online Reputation

Community Building

Brand Monitoring

How will Social Media benefit your business?

Social Media have dramatically changed the way we communicate and interact, either in a positive or negative way. Each time you upload an image or update your Facebook status, you contribute to your digital footprint reputation. If your business manages to get value from Social Media Campaigns, then you will reinforce your brand and get significant outcome for your business.

of the people who make online purchases are Social Media fans or followers.

of Facebook users are convinced by an ad or Facebook review so as to shop a product.

increase in B2B lead generation via Linkedin channel.

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