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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s Google rankings. At Cloudhaz, we specialize at pushing your website to top Google positions for keywords that will explode your web traffic.

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SEO Optimization

It includes a ton of actions, such as keyword research, on-site analysis, content redesign, backlinks increase and social engagement and interaction.

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Rank Tracking

We constantly evaluate the impact of any SEO Campaign to optimize our SEO strategy promotion and strengthen the techniques which lead to higher rankings.

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We use top class SEO tools to bring your keywords to the top of Google.

The 4 keys to 1st Google page

A successful SEO Campaign should target in 4 sections, which will be combined to achieve an integrated SEO strategy.


Find the most appropriate keywords. High search traffic and low competition will help you rank in a short amount of time.


Original and well informative content is a crucial factor of SEO success.


Optimizing on-site parts (URL, headings, meta) will boost significantly your Google Ranknigs.


Gain Backlinks from high authority websites so as to step above the competition.

Project Cost 

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Basic Premium Turbo
Budget from   250 € from   500 € from   750 €
Keyword Research Up to 30 keywords Up to 70 keywords Umlimited
Content Optimization 1-10 pages 11-25 pages Umlimited
Link Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Monthly Reports Basic Premium Expert
Rank Tracking 30 keywords 100 keywords 200 keywords
On-Page Fixes
Keyword Gems
SEO Content Strategy
In-Depth Analysis

Why choose a SEO plan

Building a website means absolutely nothing. Even if you have created a unique design website, it will have no extra value if Google bots cannot crawl and index it on top of Google results. Our SEO services will help you build a strong online presence and attract more leads and clients for your company.

Of course, there are many channels to increase your website or E-Shop traffic. You can run Google Ads campaigns or Social Media Campaigns (e.g. Facebook Ads), send newsletters or exhibit your products in global exhibitions. Nevertheless, SEO has a unique competitive advantage. It will constantly attract new leads and clients for your company. In all other Marketing Campaigns, your visibility will dramatically drop if you stop running ads (e.g. Facebook or Linkedin ads).

What is the cost of SEO Services

A robust SEO strategy may lead to extremely powerful and long lasting results for your website. However, you have to build your SEO with patience as it demands time and resources. There are no magic wands. You have to develop your strategy, make extensive keyword research, create original content and powerful and authoritative backlinks.

Easy to say, SEO is a combination of many different tasks that have to be accomplished in time. Research, technical analysis, content marketing and graphic design, video promotion, digital PR and constant evaluation of analytics and competitors’ actions. Therefore, the cost of a SEO campaign depends on the intensity and the period of time that all the above are going to take place.

SEO Promotion

Search Engine Optimization requires patience so as to be on Google’s 1st page. However, it deserves to invest in a professional SEO company as your benefits will be huge in the long term.

SEO is not the effort to conquer the 1st page of Google results. You have to think that SEO is a continuous effort to improve your website and make it an authority for both your online visitors and Google bots.

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Google Ads

Google Ads benefits you get Google top ranks by day 1! However, if you stop pay Google, your keywords rankings drop forever!

In contrast to SEO, Google Ads can invoke sales immediately. On the other hand, you have to constantly pay Google so as to maintain your visibility on top Google positions.

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