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Optimize your Google Ads Campaigns. Increase Clicks & Conversions – minimize cost.


Increase your sales with Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads Campaigns will increase the Brand Awareness of your company and will drive traffic and conversions. You can choose the keywords which will lead more traffic to your website and pay Google only when Internet users click on your ads.

Create a Campaign

We create and configure Google Ads and PPC Campaigns or optimize your existing campaigns so as to increase the quality score of your ads.

Manage PPC Campaigns

We organize your PPC Cmampaigns and make all necessary actions to increase your profit & brand awareness.

Control & Analysis

We constantly monitor traffic peaks and campaign performance to get the maximum results at lowest cost.

Create Google Ads Campaign

We’re building your campaign from scratch, taking into account Google’s guidelines and our huge experience:

 Create inspiring ads

 Choose keyword Gems (high search traffic and low competition)

 Create a well structured Google account to achieve high Quality Score

Create Audiences and Remarketing Campaigns

Data Analytics and Optimization

We create and configure your PPC Campaigns and make a thorough and smart campaign according to the needs of your own business.

We improve the efficiency of your ads by optimizing keyword categories and ad groups structure.

Campaign Redesign / Optimization

Have you already advertised your business via Google Ads? If so, are you happy with impact of your campaigns or maybe you spend money the wrong way? Our team can help you drive traffic and sales with the maximum results!

We fully organize your Google Ads Campaigns, pinpointing crucial faults and redesigning your Google Ads footprint. Our services are ideal so that you manage to really benefit from powerful PPC Campaigns.

From 120€ / month

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How web optimize your Google Ads campaigns

All Google Ads campaigns may offer magic results for your brand. However, in order to achieve it, you have to follow all guidelines and implement a regular optimization and management procedure.

Quality Score

We create relevant and well structured ads that link to a well designed landing page. See more about an ideal landing page.

Ad Extensions

We use Ad Extensions so as to increase Ads Quality Score.


We grab important analytics information by checking conversion reports through Google Analytics.


We target engaged audience so as to increase the sales potential by powerful Remarketing techniques.

Landing Pages

Create high – converting landing pages so as to urge your visitors to shop online.

Negative Keywords

We use negative keywords so as to avoid showing ads to irrelevant places or searches through internet.

Boost your campaign performance without spending more money.

Let Cloudhaz manage your Google Ads Campaigns.

We create and implement robust solutions for your business. From building a strong brand to promoting it through communication channels, we are fully committed to leading the way to online success.

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Build a strong online presence by implementing the most effective PPC strategies.

Money Back Guarantee

In case you are not happy with our services, we refund you within 30 days.

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