Retarget engaged users

Redirect your ads to users who are more likely to convert.


Remarketing: The wise choice to increase your sales

Remarketing targets users who have already visited your website or your online store. The purpose is to enable them to purchase a product or service or generally to convert (fill in a registration form, add a product to cart, etc.)

of the website (or E-Shop) visitors through Remarketing ads, are more likely to buy online or convert.

higher conversion rate when you apply Remarketing and Retargeting so as to attract your online visitors again.

General Remarketing

It is about targeting ads to users who have already visited the E-Shop or certain categories of the E-Shop. It may also be about targeting users who have previously browsed on the website for a longer time or navigated through many different products, meaning that it is more likely to convert.

Conversion Remarketing

It is about targeting ads to users who have already purchased in the past and their preferences are known (e.g. a specific topic or website category). In this case, the ads can be customized to provide a specific offer (eg 15% off coupon for all existing customers) based on the customer needs.

Dynamic Remarketing

Depending on the past visitor’s habits, banners are dynamically and automatically targeted. For example, if a user is searching for sports shoes, then specific sports shoes web banners will be apperaning when browsing websites of similar topic category.

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